The Fishing

The Bahamas are the bonefishing capital of the world.

The fishing on Abaco is of top quality and far less crowded than on the better-known island of Andros. The famous Marls on the west side of the island offer over 200 square miles of first-class bonefishing flats which also give anglers an occasional shot at permit and tarpon in the summer. On the east side the sandy flats at Cherokee Sound provide more great bonefishing options, including some gorgeous white-sand wading flats.

Whether wading alone on the flats, paddling a kayak or poling gently through the mangroves in a guided skiff, fishermen will enjoy many opportunities to cast to these most powerful but stealthy of fish.

The Delphi Club’s guides are all experienced professionals and there will be few excuses for anglers not nailing a handful of bonefish from two or three pounds and up. While blank days can happen (in cloudy or windy conditions spotting the fish can be tricky), the bonefish are always there, year-round and feeding. And unsuitable weather rarely lasts for long.

The excitement and anticipation of bonefishing has no equal in the flyfishing world. Stalking these spooky fish in beautiful shallow waters, casting delicately to a cruising shadow and then trembling with tension as the reel screams out line to a fantastically powerful five-pounder is one of the most complete fishing experiences.

And visually bonefishing is a glorious enterprise, with diverse wildlife on the flats, stunning colours and frequently exquisite weather. Even if the fish are moody and disinclined to play, the whole experience of being out on the water, far away from civilisation, is deeply rewarding.

Bonefishing is a year-round activity, although it is generally best in good sunny weather, with not too much wind, when visibility is optimal. The Bahamas has a very benign climate throughout the year, with average monthly low/high temperatures ranging between 65 and 88 degrees farenheit.

As with any fishing, one can be unlucky with the weather for a few days, but cool, overcast or windy spells rarely last long in the Bahamas. Difficult weeks are possible, especially in the winter, and there are occasional hurricane threats in the summer. But for the great majority of the time the conditions for bonefishing are good or excellent

For further details on the weather, see “Weather”.

Best Fishing Months
Bones Permit
Jan G/V O
Feb G/V O
Mar G/E F/G
Apr G/E G
May G/E G
Jun G/E G
Jul G/E G
Aug G/V G/V
Sep G/V F/V
Oct G/E F
Nov G/E O
Dec G/V O
E = Excellent
G = Good
F = Fair
O = Occasional
V = Variable/weather dependent
Source: Bahamas Tourism and local Abaco guides

For a comprehensive list of recommended tackle and other essentials, see Trip Planning.

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